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Used by the routines at STK_VAR and DIM.
Unless syntax is being checked this subroutine calls HL_HLxDE which performs the implied construction.
Overflow of the 16 bits available in the HL register pair gives the report 'out of memory'. This is not exactly the true situation but it implies that the memory is not large enough for the task envisaged by the programmer.
DE First number (M)
HL Second number (N)
HL M*N (if not checking syntax)
GET_HLxDE 10996 CALL SYNTAX_Z Return directly if syntax is being checked.
10999 RET Z
11000 CALL HL_HLxDE Perform the multiplication.
11003 JP C,REPORT_4 Report 'Out of memory'.
11006 RET Finished.
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