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$1D16: Make a character find a seat
This corresponds to $6CA0 in the ZX Spectrum version.
Used by command lists $88, $8C, $8E, $90, $92, $94, $96, $98, $9A, $9C, $9E, $A0, $A2, $A4, $A6 and $A8.
$1D16 LDA #$1C Place the address of the uninterruptible subcommand routine at $1CEC into the character's buffer.
$1D18 STA $B1
$1D1A LDA #$EC
$1D1C STA $B0
$1D1E LDA #$00 Remove the address of this primary command routine from the character's buffer.
$1D20 STA $2A
$1D22 STA $29
$1D24 JMP $1CEC Set the character on his way in search of a seat.
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