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$424E: Command list $BC: Staff room - teacher
This corresponds to $FD6C in the ZX Spectrum version.
Used by MR WACKER in lesson $FE; by MR ROCKITT in lessons $E0, $E1, $F7, $F9 and $FE; by MR WITHIT in lessons $F7, $F8, $FA, $FB, $FE and $FF; and by MR CREAK in lessons $E0, $E1, $E2, $E3, $F1, $F6, $F7, $F8, $F9, $FA, $FB, $FE and $FF.
$424E .WORD $12B5 Go to...
$4250 .BYTE $09,$0A ...the staff room.
$4252 .WORD $1A04 Move about until...
$4254 .BYTE $00 ...the bell rings.
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