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740A: Slide a message character into the speech bubble text window (1)
Used by the routine at 799A.
H Number of the character who is speaking (0x98-0xA9)
740A CALL $70D2 Get the next character from the message being spoken
740D AND A Return with the carry flag set if the message has finished
740E SCF
740F RET Z
7410 CP $02 Replace an ASCII code of 0x02 with 0x20 (space)
7412 JR Z,$741F
7414 CP $03 Jump unless the ASCII code is 0x03, which stands for 8 spaces
7416 JR NZ,$7421
7418 LD L,$6C DA16='<8 spaces>'; place the address of this message into bytes 0x6B and 0x6C of the speaking character's buffer
741A LD (HL),$DA
741C DEC L
741D LD (HL),$16
741F LD A,$20 0x20=' ' (space)
7421 JP $7302
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