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76C8: Print the score, lines total or hi-score (1)
Used by the routines at 6AFB, 6B0E, 7700, F4F1 and F7E0. Prepares the buffer at D90B with the graphic data for the digits of the number in HL, then copies the graphic data to the screen at the location specified by DE.
DE Display file address: 51BC (score), 51DC (lines) or 51FC (hi-score)
HL Score, lines total or hi-score
76C8 EX DE,HL Transfer the score, lines total or hi-score to DE
76C9 CALL $7646 Generate a 7x24-bit graphic for the number stored in DE
76CC EX DE,HL Transfer the display file address back to DE
76CD LD HL,$D90B The graphic data for the number is stored in the buffer at D90B
76D0 LD BC,$07FF B=0x07 (number of pixel rows), C=0xFF
76D3 PUSH DE Save the display file address temporarily
76D4 LDI Transfer a 24-bit wide row of pixels to the screen
76D6 LDI
76D8 LDI
76DA POP DE Restore the display file address to DE
76DB INC D Next pixel row on the screen
76DC DJNZ $76D3 Jump back until all 7 pixel rows are done
76DE JR $76F9 Jump over the routine at 76E0
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