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7B96: Rewind to a specific point in a command list
Used by the routine at 7BA0. Partially rewinds a teacher's command list after he has fetched the truant ERIC, thus making him resume normal classroom duties.
DE Command list entry address
H Teacher's character number (0xA3-0xA6)
L 0x76
7B96 LD (HL),D Place the command list entry address into bytes 0x75 and 0x76 of the teacher's buffer, which will make the teacher restart the command list from that point
7B97 DEC L
7B98 LD (HL),E
7B99 LD L,$6A Remove the interruptible subcommand routine address from bytes 0x69 and 0x6A of the teacher's buffer
7B9B LD (HL),$00
7B9D JP $62A8 Move to the next command in the command list
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