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B200: UDG references for animatory states 0x00-0x67 at row 1, column 1
Used by the routine at 610B. The following animatory states and corresponding addresses are unused:
State(s) Address(es)
0x04 B204
0x0E-0x0F B20E-B20F
0x14 B214
0x18-0x1F B218-B21F
0x24 B224
0x28-0x29 B228-B229
0x2C-0x2F B22C-B22F
0x34 B234
0x3A-0x3B B23A-B23B
0x3E B23E
0x44 B244
0x4C B24C
0x4E B24E
0x54 B254
0x56 B256
0x5C B25C
0x5E B25E
0x64 B264
0x66 B266
B200 DEFB $01,$09,$01,$09,$01,$01,$00,$00,$01,$3A,$01,$44,$01,$01,$00,$00
B210 DEFB $20,$22,$20,$22,$20,$20,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$14,$00,$00,$00,$00
B220 DEFB $28,$2A,$28,$2A,$28,$28,$00,$00,$00,$00,$28,$43,$28,$28,$00,$00
B230 DEFB $2E,$30,$2E,$30,$2E,$2E,$00,$00,$2E,$3B,$00,$00,$2E,$2E,$00,$00
B240 DEFB $79,$74,$79,$74,$71,$71,$00,$00,$3C,$6A,$3C,$6A,$76,$76,$79,$79
B250 DEFB $62,$57,$62,$57,$62,$62,$49,$49,$03,$0C,$03,$0C,$1A,$1A,$42,$42
B260 DEFB $20,$2B,$20,$2B,$38,$38,$51,$51
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