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B700: UDG references for animatory states 0x00-0x67 at row 2, column 2
Used by the routine at 610B. The following animatory states and corresponding addresses are unused:
State(s) Address(es)
0x04 B704
0x0E-0x0F B70E-B70F
0x14 B714
0x18-0x1F B718-B71F
0x24 B724
0x28-0x29 B728-B729
0x2C-0x2F B72C-B72F
0x34 B734
0x3A-0x3B B73A-B73B
0x3E B73E
0x44 B744
0x4C B74C
0x4E B74E
0x54 B754
0x56 B756
0x5C B75C
0x5E B75E
0x64 B764
0x66 B766
B700 DEFB $05,$00,$05,$00,$12,$12,$17,$00,$36,$38,$05,$05,$05,$05,$00,$00
B710 DEFB $05,$00,$05,$00,$12,$12,$24,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00
B720 DEFB $05,$00,$05,$00,$12,$12,$2C,$00,$00,$00,$05,$05,$05,$05,$00,$00
B730 DEFB $05,$00,$05,$00,$12,$12,$32,$00,$36,$38,$00,$00,$05,$05,$00,$00
B740 DEFB $76,$00,$76,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$3F,$6E,$3F,$6E,$3F,$3F,$7D,$7D
B750 DEFB $5E,$54,$5E,$54,$5E,$5E,$46,$46,$06,$10,$06,$10,$06,$06,$4A,$4A
B760 DEFB $24,$2F,$24,$2F,$24,$24,$34,$34
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