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F8F6: Check whether MR CREAK can reveal his safe combination letter
Used by the routine at F6D7. Returns with the carry flag reset if we're dealing with MR CREAK and ERIC has not yet opened the safe.
H Teacher's character number (0xA3-0xA6)
F8F6 LD BC,$F1C1 Prepare BC (F1C1='SILENCE! OR I'LL CANE THE LOT OF YOU') before returning
F8F9 LD A,H A=teacher's character number
F8FA CP $A6 Return with the carry flag set if it's not MR CREAK (0xA6)
F8FD LD A,($7FEA) Collect the game mode indicator from 7FEA
F900 DEC A Set the carry flag if it's demo mode or ERIC has already opened the safe
F901 CP $02
F903 CCF
F904 RET
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