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F9BB: Check whether ERIC has 10000 lines
Used by the routine at 76F9. The number of lines has just been printed. Has ERIC gone over the limit?
F9BB LD A,($7FC7) Collect the MSB of the lines total
F9BE CP $03 Is the lines total < 7680 (30*256)?
F9C0 RET C Return if so
F9C1 JR NZ,$F9C9 Jump if the MSB > 3 (lines total > 10240)
F9C3 LD A,($7FC6) So the MSB is 3; collect the LSB from 7FC6
F9C6 CP $E8 Is the lines total < 10000 (=232+256*30)?
F9C8 RET C Return if so
ERIC has 10000 lines or more. The end (of the game) is nigh.
F9CA LD HL,$FAE2 Point HL at the first of the last two commands in command list 0xDE ('Find ERIC', and 'Send ERIC home')
F9CD LD ($A377),HL Place this address into bytes 0x77 and 0x78 of MR WACKER's buffer, so that these commands become his command list
F9D0 LD HL,$A37A Set bit 0 of byte 0x7A of MR WACKER's buffer, triggering a command list restart
F9D3 SET 0,(HL)
F9D5 LD HL,$7FF8 Set the MSB of the lesson clock to 0xFF (so that the lesson cannot end before MR WACKER has begun looking for ERIC)
F9D8 LD (HL),$FF
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