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68A0: Request and set the input method (keyboard, joystick, Int2)
Used by the routine at FA49.
68A0 LD HL,$68D4 68D4: 'CONTROL KEYS - Normal/Kempston/Cursor/Int2?'
68A3 CALL $AFE8 Print this message
68A6 LD HL,$5C3B This is the system variable FLAGS
68A9 RES 5,(HL) Signal: no key pressed yet
68AB CALL $673D Wait for a keypress and collect its ASCII code in A
68AE JR Z,$68AB
68B0 LD HL,$688C Point HL at the keypress table for keys 0-9 when Int2 is not selected
68B3 LD BC,$000A There are 10 entries in this table
68B6 CP $6E Was 'n' pressed?
68B8 JR Z,$68C7 Jump if so
68BA CP $63 Was 'c' pressed?
68BC JR Z,$68C7 Jump if so
68BE CP $6B Was 'k' pressed?
68C0 JR Z,$68C8 Jump if so
68C2 CP $69 Was 'i' pressed?
68C4 JR NZ,$68A6 Jump back to collect another keypress if not
68C6 ADD HL,BC HL=6896 if 'i' was pressed
68C7 XOR A Set A to 0x00 unless 'k' was pressed
68C8 LD DE,$6830 Copy 10 bytes from 688C or 6896 to 6830 (the keypress table entries for keys 0-9)
68CD LD L,$1F HL=681F
68CF LD (HL),A Store 0x6B ('k' for Kempston) or 0x00 here as appropriate
68D0 LD HL,$5000 Prepare HL for drawing the catwalk
68D3 RET
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