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FA49: Ask whether the characters' names should be changed
Used by the routine at EDE0. Prints 'Do you want to put in your own names Y/N?', waits for 'y' or 'n' to be pressed, and responds accordingly.
FA49 LD DE,$4040 Set DE to the appropriate display file address
FA4C LD HL,$FA6C FA6C: 'Do you want to put in your own names Y/N?'
FA4F PUSH DE Save the display file address
FA50 CALL $AFE8 Print this message
FA53 POP DE Restore the display file address to DE
FA54 LD HL,$5C3B This is the system variable FLAGS
FA57 RES 5,(HL) Signal: no key pressed yet
FA59 CALL $673D Wait for a keypress; collect its ASCII code in A
FA5E OR $20 Convert the ASCII code to lower case
FA60 CP $79 Was 'y' pressed?
FA62 JP Z,$68A0 Jump if so
FA65 CP $6E Was 'n' pressed?
FA67 JR NZ,$FA54 Jump back to collect another keypress if not
FA69 POP HL Drop the return address (EDFA)
FA6A RET Return to 691D
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