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64073: Ask whether the characters' names should be changed
Used by the routine at 60896. Prints 'Do you want to put in your own names Y/N?', waits for 'y' or 'n' to be pressed, and responds accordingly.
64073 LD DE,16448 Set DE to the appropriate display file address
64076 LD HL,64108 64108: 'Do you want to put in your own names Y/N?'
64079 PUSH DE Save the display file address
64080 CALL 45032 Print this message
64083 POP DE Restore the display file address to DE
64084 LD HL,23611 This is the system variable FLAGS
64087 RES 5,(HL) Signal: no key pressed yet
64089 CALL 26429 Wait for a keypress; collect its ASCII code in A
64092 JR Z,64089
64094 OR 32 Convert the ASCII code to lower case
64096 CP 121 Was 'y' pressed?
64098 JP Z,26784 Jump if so
64101 CP 110 Was 'n' pressed?
64103 JR NZ,64084 Jump back to collect another keypress if not
64105 POP HL Drop the return address (60922)
64106 RET Return to 26909
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