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26880: Start a new game or enter demo mode
This section of code is entered at various points. The main entry point below is used by the startup routine at 24288.
26880 LD SP,23806 Put the stack pointer somewhere safe
26883 CALL 32390 Play the theme tune
26886 JR 26902 Enter demo mode
This entry point is used by the routine at 63990 when ERIC has been sent home (either for having mumps or for having over 10000 lines).
26888 CALL 32470 Remove the speech bubble
26891 LD DE,(32708) DE=score
26895 AND A Reset the carry flag ready for a subtraction
26896 SBC HL,DE Subtract the score from the high score...
26898 ADD HL,DE ...and add it back again
26899 JR NC,26902 Jump unless we have a new high score
26901 EX DE,HL HL=new high score
26902 LD A,255 255: demo mode
26904 JR 26913
This entry point is used by the routine at 32250 when exiting demo mode.
26906 CALL 60896 Ask for the input method, and change the character names (if desired)
26909 LD HL,(32706) HL=high score
26912 XOR A 0: game mode (as opposed to demo mode)
26913 LD SP,23806 Put the stack pointer somewhere safe
26916 PUSH HL Save the high score
26917 LD E,A E=255 (demo mode) or 0
26918 LD A,(32761) Collect the current lesson number (0-63) from 32761
26921 AND 48 Set A to 15, 31, 47 or 63 (lessons 0, 16, 32, and 48 are PLAYTIME)
26923 ADD A,15
26925 LD D,A D=new lesson number minus one
26926 PUSH DE Save this for now
26927 CALL 63242 Unflash the safe and all shields
26930 LD HL,32765 32765 holds the number (152-171) of the last character moved
26933 LD (HL),151 Reset this number so 152 (little boy no. 1) is moved next
26935 DEC L Blank out the rest of the game status buffer (except for the random number seed at 32766)
26936 LD (HL),0
26938 JR NZ,26935
26940 LD L,232 Initialise ERIC's main action timer at 32744
26942 LD (HL),17
26944 LD L,249 HL=32761 (which holds the lesson number, 0-63)
26946 POP DE Restore the lesson number to D and game mode indicator (0 or 255) to E
26947 LD (HL),D Set the lesson number
26948 LD L,247 Set the lesson clock (at 32759) to 1
26950 INC (HL)
26951 INC E If a new game is starting, prepare the shields and safe, and play the theme tune
26952 CALL NZ,63668
26955 POP HL Restore the high score to HL, and save it in 32706
26956 LD (32706),HL
The following loop sets the initial animatory state, location and character flags (byte 122 of the buffer) for each character (including ERIC).
26959 LD H,152 152=little boy no. 1
26961 LD DE,56064 The data table at 56064 holds the initial animatory states of the characters
26964 LD L,96 Point HL at byte 96 of the character buffer
26966 LD A,(DE) Set the initial animatory state of the character
26967 LD (HL),A
26968 INC L L=97
26969 INC D The data table at 56320 holds the initial x-coordinates of the characters
26970 LD (HL),169 All characters start on the bottom floor (y=169)
26972 INC L L=98
26973 LD A,(DE) Pick up the character's initial x-coordinate
26974 INC D The data table at 56576 holds the character flags
26975 LD (HL),A Set the character's initial x-coordinate
26976 LD A,(DE) Pick up the character flags (0=kid; 16=adult; 32=pellet)
26977 DEC D Point DE back at the table of initial animatory states
26978 DEC D
26979 INC E Next character
26980 LD B,29 Blank out the remaining 29 bytes of the character's buffer
26982 INC L
26983 LD (HL),0
26985 DJNZ 26982
26987 LD L,122 Place the character flags into byte 122 of the character's buffer
26989 LD (HL),A
26990 INC L
26991 INC L L=124
26992 LD (HL),159 Place the address of the continual subcommand routine at 25247 (RET) into bytes 124 and 125 of the character's buffer
26994 INC L
26995 LD (HL),98
26997 INC H Next character
26998 INC A Have we done all the non-player characters?
26999 JR NZ,26964 Jump back to do the next one if not
All that remains now is to print the logo, lesson box and score box, and bring the skool into view.
27001 CALL 27406 Print the bottom 3 lines of the screen
27004 JP 63768 Scroll the skool into view and enter the main loop
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