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63242: Unflash the safe and all the shields
Used by the routines at 26880 (before starting a new game) and 63668 (after ERIC has gone up a year).
63242 LD HL,23040 Make anything that is currently flashing on-screen (shields or the safe) not flash any more by directly modifying the attribute file
63245 RES 7,(HL)
63247 DEC HL
63248 LD A,H
63249 CP 87
63251 JR NZ,63245
63253 LD H,154 Reset bit 7 (i.e. turn off FLASH) of the graphic data attribute bytes of everything in the skool from the third row (H=154, where the top floor shields are) to the 15th row (H=166, where the bottom floor shields are)
63255 LD B,13
63257 LD L,223
63259 RES 7,(HL)
63261 DEC HL
63262 BIT 7,L
63264 JR NZ,63259
63266 INC H
63267 DJNZ 63257
63269 RET
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