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63270: Check whether ERIC has jumped up to the safe or a shield (2)
Continues from 62750. Checks whether ERIC has jumped up to the safe or a shield, and makes it flash or unflash as appropriate.
DE Coordinates of ERIC's hand
63270 LD A,(32746) Pick up the game mode indicator from 32746
63273 CP 2 Are all the shields flashing?
63275 JP NZ,28130 Jump if not (to check whether ERIC touched a shield)
63278 LD A,D A=y-coordinate of ERIC's hand
63279 CP 161 This is the y-coordinate of the spot just under the safe in the staff room
63281 RET NZ Return if ERIC is not on the middle floor
63282 LD A,E A=x-coordinate of ERIC's hand
63283 CP 10 Has ERIC jumped up to the safe?
63285 RET NZ Return if not
ERIC has jumped up to the safe. Can he open it?
63286 LD HL,32749 32749 holds the number of the character who last wrote on the Reading Room blackboard
63289 LD DE,32680 32680=Reading Room blackboard contents buffer
63292 LD C,3 There are 3 blackboards
63294 LD A,(HL) A=number of the character who last wrote on this board
63295 INC HL Move HL along to the next blackboard
63296 INC HL
63297 CP 172 Did ERIC write on this blackboard?
63299 JR NZ,63322 Jump if not
ERIC wrote on this blackboard. Check whether he wrote the safe combination code.
63301 PUSH HL
63302 LD L,159 HL=32671 (which holds the safe combination code)
63304 LD B,4 There are 4 characters in the safe combination code
63306 PUSH DE Save the pointer to the blackboard contents buffer
63307 LD A,(DE) A=character written on the blackboard by ERIC
63308 AND 95 Convert to upper case
63310 INC E Move DE along to the next character on the blackboard
63311 CP (HL) Does the character on the blackboard match a safe combination letter?
63312 JR NZ,63318 Jump if not
63314 INC L Move to the next letter of the safe combination code
63315 DJNZ 63307 Jump back until all four letters have been checked
63317 XOR A Set the zero flag to indicate a match
63318 POP DE Restore the blackboard contents buffer pointer to DE
63319 POP HL
63320 JR Z,63330 Jump if ERIC got the right combination
63322 LD A,E Point DE at the next blackboard contents buffer (32686 or 32692)
63323 ADD A,6
63325 LD E,A
63326 DEC C Decrease the blackboard counter
63327 JR NZ,63294 Jump back until all three blackboards have been checked
63329 RET
ERIC got the right combination.
63330 CALL 63668 Add 1000 to the score and play a celebratory tune
63333 LD HL,41354 Point HL at the attribute byte for the safe
63336 SET 7,(HL) Alter the attribute byte of the safe in the skool attribute data to make it flash
63338 EX DE,HL Point DE at the attribute byte for the safe
63339 CALL 62674 Get the attribute file address of the safe in HL
63342 RET C Return if the safe is off-screen (unlikely!)
63343 SET 7,(HL) Adjust the on-screen attribute byte of the safe to make it flash
63345 RET
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