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F70A: Unflash the safe and all the shields
Used by the routines at 6900 (before starting a new game) and F8B4 (after ERIC has gone up a year).
F70A LD HL,$5A00 Make anything that is currently flashing on-screen (shields or the safe) not flash any more by directly modifying the attribute file
F70D RES 7,(HL)
F710 LD A,H
F711 CP $57
F713 JR NZ,$F70D
F715 LD H,$9A Reset bit 7 (i.e. turn off FLASH) of the graphic data attribute bytes of everything in the skool from the third row (H=0x9A, where the top floor shields are) to the 15th row (H=0xA6, where the bottom floor shields are)
F717 LD B,$0D
F719 LD L,$DF
F71B RES 7,(HL)
F71E BIT 7,L
F720 JR NZ,$F71B
F722 INC H
F723 DJNZ $F719
F725 RET
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