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7142: Write a single character on a blackboard
Used by the routine at 7264. Returns with the zero flag set if the end of the message has been reached.
H Number of the character writing on the board (0xA3-0xA7)
7142 CALL $70D2 A=next character in the message being written
7145 LD B,A Save this in B briefly
7146 CALL $7128 A=identifier of the blackboard being written on
7149 LD C,A Transfer this to C
714A LD A,B A=next character in the message being written
714B LD B,$7F Point BC at the appropriate blackboard buffer
714D AND A Is the message finished?
714E JR NZ,$7154 Jump if not
7150 DEC A A=0xFF
7151 LD (BC),A Store the pixel coordinates of the next character to be written on the board
7152 INC A Set the zero flag if the message is finished
7153 RET
The character has not finished writing on the blackboard. A holds the ASCII code of the next letter to be written.
7154 CP $02 Is it newline?
7156 JR NZ,$715F Jump if not
7158 LD A,(BC) Pick up the contents of 7FEC (Reading Room blackboard), 7FEE (White Room blackboard) or 7FF0 (Exam Room blackboard) and set it to 0 (start of top line) or 64 (start of bottom line)
7159 AND $40
715B XOR $40
715D JR $7151
This entry point is used by the routine at F6AA when ERIC is writing on a blackboard with BC=7FAC (Reading Room blackboard), 7FB2 (White Room blackboard), or 7FB8 (Exam Room blackboard).
7160 LD L,A Point HL at the address holding the pixel width of the character to be written on the board
7161 LD H,$D9
7163 LD A,(BC) A=pixel coordinates (0-127) of the location at which the character will be written
7164 AND $3F Discard bit 6 (the line indicator bit)
7166 ADD A,$C0 Set the carry flag if there is not enough space at the end of the current line to print the character
7168 SCF
7169 ADC A,(HL)
716A LD A,(BC) A=pixel coordinates (0-127)
716B JR NC,$7172 Jump if there is enough space to print the character on the current line
716D AND $40 Otherwise toggle which line (top or bottom) to write on and reset the pixel x-coordinate to 0 (start of the line)
716F XOR $40
7171 LD (BC),A
7172 RRCA Compute the skool coordinates of the location of the character to be written and store them in DE
7173 RRCA
7174 RRCA
7175 AND $0F
7177 CP $08
7179 JR C,$717E
717B INC D
717C AND $07
717E ADD A,E
717F LD E,A
7180 CALL $7087 Update the screen refresh buffer for these coordinates
7183 LD A,(BC) Modify the RES n,(HL) instruction at 71AE below, which in effect draws a white pixel (of chalk) at the appropriate spot
7184 AND $07
7186 ADD A,A
7187 ADD A,A
7188 ADD A,A
7189 CPL
718A SUB $41
718C LD ($71AF),A
718F LD A,(BC) Compute the pixel x-coordinate (0-63) of the rightmost pixel column of the character to be written on the board, and store it in the blackboard buffer
7190 ADD A,(HL)
7191 INC A
7192 LD (BC),A
7193 LD C,(HL) C=pixel width of the character to be written on the board
7194 EX DE,HL Point HL at the skool UDG reference of the character square of the blackboard that will be written on and pick it up in L
7195 LD A,(HL)
7196 LD L,A
Now we enter the loop that draws the pixel columns of the font character bitmap onto the blackboard.
7197 LD H,$80 Point HL at the graphic data for the skool UDG reference in A; the skool UDG references are 0xCE-0xBF for the Reading Room board, 0xEE-0xDF for the White Room board, and 0xDE-0xCF for the Exam Room board, decreasing from left to right
7199 CP $E9
719B JR NC,$71A7
719D CP $E7
719F JR NC,$71A5
71A1 CP $E1
71A3 JR NC,$71A7
71A5 LD H,$88
71A7 INC D A=next pixel column of the character to be written on the board
71A8 LD A,(DE)
71A9 LD B,$08 There are 8 pixels in a pixel column
71AB RLCA Draw the pixel column on the blackboard by directly resetting bits in the skool graphic data; any bits already reset by previous writing remain reset (the 'RES n,(HL)' instruction is modified earlier in this routine to reset the required bit)
71AC JR NC,$71B0
71AE RES 7,(HL)
71B0 INC H
71B1 DJNZ $71AB
71B3 DEC C Next pixel column
71B4 JR Z,$71CE Jump if we've finished drawing the character on the board
71B6 LD A,H Point HL back at the top pixel row of the skool UDG data
71B7 SUB $08
71B9 LD H,A
71BA LD A,($71AF) Modify the RES n,(HL) instruction at 71AE above to RES m,(HL) where m=n-1 (mod 8), effectively moving one pixel column to the right
71BD OR $40
71BF SUB $08
71C1 AND $BF
71C3 LD ($71AF),A
71C6 CP $BE Did we wrap round from bit 0 to bit 7?
71C8 JR NZ,$71A7 Continue drawing pixel columns in this character square if not
71CA DEC L A=skool UDG reference of the next character square to the right on the blackboard
71CC JR $7197 Draw the next pixel column in the next character square
71CE INC C Reset the zero flag to indicate that the message isn't finished
71CF POP HL Restore the character number to H
71D0 RET
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