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7600: Write a character's name into the lines bubble graphic buffer
Used by the routine at 7700. Generates the graphic data for the text of the lines recipient's name (e.g. 'ERIC') and stores it in the buffer at EB00.
A Lines recipient's character number (0xA7-0xA9, 0xAC)
7600 LD BC,$1817 B=0x18; C=0x17 (INK 7: PAPER 2)
7603 LD HL,$EB00 The lines bubble graphic is stored at EB00
7606 LD DE,$D980 D980: 'ERIC'
7609 CP $AC Is ERIC being given lines?
760B JR Z,$761E Jump if so
760D LD C,$1F 0x1F=INK 7: PAPER 3
7611 SUB $A7 Is BOY WANDER being given lines?
7613 JR Z,$761E Jump if so
7615 LD C,$27 0x27=INK 7: PAPER 4
7617 LD E,$9C DE=D99C: 'ANGELFACE'
7619 DEC A Is ANGELFACE being given lines?
761A JR Z,$761E Jump if so
761E LD (HL),C Fill in the appropriate attribute bytes for the lines bubble
761F INC L
7620 DJNZ $761E
7622 LD L,$78 HL=EB78
7624 EX DE,HL DE=EB78, HL=address of character name
This entry point is used by the routine at F955.
7625 CALL $755A Write the message into the graphic buffer
7628 JP $75B4 Draw the left and right edges of the bubble
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