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30208: Write a character's name into the lines bubble graphic buffer
Used by the routine at 30464. Generates the graphic data for the text of the lines recipient's name (e.g. 'ERIC') and stores it in the buffer at 60160.
A Lines recipient's character number (167-169, 172)
30208 LD BC,6167 B=24; C=23 (INK 7: PAPER 2)
30211 LD HL,60160 The lines bubble graphic is stored at 60160
30214 LD DE,55680 55680: 'ERIC'
30217 CP 172 Is ERIC being given lines?
30219 JR Z,30238 Jump if so
30221 LD C,31 31=INK 7: PAPER 3
30223 LD E,142 DE=55694: 'BOY WANDER'
30225 SUB 167 Is BOY WANDER being given lines?
30227 JR Z,30238 Jump if so
30229 LD C,39 39=INK 7: PAPER 4
30231 LD E,156 DE=55708: 'ANGELFACE'
30233 DEC A Is ANGELFACE being given lines?
30234 JR Z,30238 Jump if so
30236 LD E,170 DE=55722: 'EINSTEIN'
30238 LD (HL),C Fill in the appropriate attribute bytes for the lines bubble
30239 INC L
30240 DJNZ 30238
30242 LD L,120 HL=60280
30244 EX DE,HL DE=60280, HL=address of character name
This entry point is used by the routine at 63829.
30245 CALL 30042 Write the message into the graphic buffer
30248 JP 30132 Draw the left and right edges of the bubble
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