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DC20: Font graphic data for CHR$(32-127) (pixel column 3)
Used by the routines at 7142 and 755A. The following addresses are unused, because the corresponding font character bitmaps are less than 3 pixels wide:
ASCII code(s) Address(es)
0x21 [!] DC21
0x27-0x29 ['()] DC27-DC29
0x2C [,] DC2C
0x2E [.] DC2E
0x3A-0x3B [:;] DC3A-DC3B
0x5B [[] DC5B
0x5D []] DC5D
0x69 [i] DC69
0x6C [l] DC6C
0x7C [|] DC7C
DC20 DEFB $00,$00,$C0,$28,$7F,$E4,$92,$00,$00,$00,$38,$3E,$00,$08,$00,$C0
DC30 DEFB $92,$02,$92,$B2,$FE,$92,$92,$98,$92,$92,$00,$00,$14,$14,$14,$90
DC40 DEFB $5E,$90,$92,$82,$82,$92,$90,$8A,$10,$82,$02,$28,$02,$30,$18,$82
DC50 DEFB $90,$86,$98,$92,$FE,$02,$02,$1C,$10,$1E,$92,$00,$03,$00,$BF,$01
DC60 DEFB $92,$22,$22,$22,$22,$2A,$90,$25,$20,$00,$5E,$28,$00,$1E,$20,$22
DC70 DEFB $24,$24,$20,$2A,$10,$02,$38,$38,$08,$05,$32,$81,$00,$18,$08,$AA
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