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27266: Make a little boy find and follow little boy no. 1
Used by command list 206 (which is used by little boys 2-11).
H Little boy's character number (153-162)
L 122
27266 LD A,(HL) Reset bit 6 (do not walk slowly continuously) and bit 7 (walk fast) and set bit 5 (walk fast continuously) of byte 122 of the boy's buffer
27267 AND 31
27269 ADD A,32
27271 LD (HL),A
27272 LD DE,39037 Collect byte 125 of little boy no. 1's buffer, which holds the MSB of a continual subcommand routine address
27275 LD A,(DE)
27276 CP 105 Return unless little boy no. 1's continual subcommand is the routine at 27126, i.e. he's tripping people up as he proceeds to his destination
27278 RET NZ
27279 LD L,E Place the address of the continual subcommand routine at 27126 into bytes 124 and 125 of this boy's character buffer (making him trip people up as he follows little boy no. 1)
27280 LD (HL),A
27281 DEC L
27282 LD (HL),246
27284 LD E,99 Copy bytes 99-102 of little boy no. 1's character buffer into bytes 99-102 of this little boy's character buffer; bytes 99 and 100 will then contain 25553, and bytes 101 and 102 will contain little boy no. 1's destination
27286 LD L,E
27287 LD BC,4
27290 EX DE,HL
27291 LDIR
27293 EX DE,HL
27294 JP 25549 Make this little boy follow little boy no. 1
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