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45288: Print a character's title and name, and walk him onto the screen (1)
Used by the routine at 61408.
B 1-8 (corresponding to one of the eight main characters)
45288 LD A,184 Set HL to the address of the appropriate character title message, e.g. 45160: 'OUR HERO'
45290 SUB B
45291 LD H,A
45292 LD L,104
45294 LD DE,16608 This is the display file address at which to print the character's title
45297 PUSH BC
45298 CALL 45032 Print the character's title
45301 POP BC
45302 CALL 45170 Set HL to the message address for the character's name
45305 LD H,217
45307 PUSH HL Save this message address
45308 JP 45544
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