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64016: Check whether MR CREAK is near a blackboard last written on by ERIC
Used by the routine at 63191. Returns with the zero flag set if MR CREAK is near a blackboard that was last written on by ERIC.
H 166 (MR CREAK)
64016 CALL 28968 A=identifier of the blackboard nearest to CREAK
64019 CP 236 Is CREAK on the top floor?
64021 JR NZ,64027 Jump if not
64023 INC L L=98 (which byte holds CREAK's x-coordinate)
64024 BIT 6,(HL) Return with the zero flag reset if CREAK's x-coordinate is >= 64, i.e. he's standing at the doorway of the (blackboardless) Map Room (which never happens, because CREAK never teaches in that room)
64026 RET NZ
64027 INC A DE=32749 (Reading Room blackboard) or 32751 (White Room blackboard)
64028 LD E,A
64029 LD D,127
64031 LD A,(DE) A=number of the character who last wrote on this board
64032 CP 172 Set the zero flag if it was ERIC
64034 RET
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