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$1D37: Add to the score and print it
This corresponds to $6AFB in the ZX Spectrum version.
Used by the routines at $0FBA, $17E5, $1DB7 and $2BB0.
A Amount to add to the score (divided by 10)
$1D37 CLC Add the LSB of the current score at $7C.
$1D38 ADC $7C
$1D3A BCC $1D3E Branch if there was no overflow.
$1D3C INC $7D Otherwise increment the MSB of the current score.
$1D3E STA $7C Update the LSB of the score at $7C.
$1D40 LDA #$7C Store the LSB of the address of the score at $4E.
$1D42 STA $4E
$1D44 LDA #$00 A=0, indicating the score.
$1D46 JMP $2620 Print the new score.
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