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F778: Deal with ERIC when he's being spoken to by a little boy
Used by the routine at 6AD9 when bit 3 of ERIC's status flags at 7FFB is set (by the routine at F800).
F778 LD HL,$7FCB 7FCB holds the special playtime signal flags
F77B BIT 0,(HL) Is the little boy is still delivering the main message?
F77D RET Z Return if so
F77E CALL $673A Check the keyboard
F781 RET Z Return if no game keys were pressed
F782 OR $20 Convert the keypress code to lower case
F784 CP $75 Was 'u' pressed?
F786 RET NZ Return (to 6AD7) if not
F787 LD HL,$7FFB 7FFB holds ERIC's status flags
F78A RES 3,(HL) Signal: ERIC's conference with the little boy is over
F78C RET Return to 6AD7
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