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7FFB: ERIC's status flags
If ERIC is doing anything other than walking or standing still, one of the bits here will be set.
Bit Meaning if set Handler Checked by
0 ERIC is firing the catapult F41F 6AD9
1 ERIC is hitting F4A4 6AD9
2 ERIC is jumping F533 6AD9, 77AC, 78AA, 79FD
3 ERIC is being spoken to by little boy no. 10 F778 6AD9
4 ERIC has just been knocked down or unseated 6AA7 6AD9
5 ERIC is writing on a blackboard F6AA 6767
6 Unused (always reset) 657F, 65E4, 6652
7 ERIC is sitting or lying down (set by 6AA7 or 6CAF) 6564, F46E, F5DA, F650
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