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6767: Main loop
Entered from the routine at F918.
6767 LD HL,($7FF7) 7FF7 holds the lesson clock
676A DEC HL Decrease it by 1 and set the zero flag if it's time to ring the bell
676B LD A,H
676C OR L
676D LD ($7FF7),HL
6770 CALL Z,$66E6 Change the lesson if the lesson clock reached zero
6773 CALL $6226 Move the characters
6776 CALL $6AD9 Move ERIC
6779 JR C,$67BC Jump if ERIC has already been dealt with
677B LD HL,$7FE8 Decrement ERIC's main action timer at 7FE8
677E DEC (HL)
677F JR NZ,$67BC Jump unless it's time to deal with ERIC
6781 INC L Pick up the midstride indicator at 7FE9
6782 LD A,(HL)
6783 AND A Is ERIC midstride?
6784 JR Z,$678B Jump if not
6786 CALL $6500 Move ERIC from the midstride position, then scroll the screen left or right if necessary
6789 JR $67BF
Time to check the keyboard (or simulate a keypress in demo mode) to see how ERIC should move next.
678B DEC L Reset ERIC's main action timer at 7FE8 to 9
678C LD (HL),$09
678E CALL $F5DA Collect or simulate a keypress
6791 JR Z,$67BC Jump if no relevant keypress was collected or simulated
6793 LD HL,$7FFB 7FFB holds ERIC's status flags
6796 BIT 5,(HL) Is ERIC writing on a blackboard?
6798 JR Z,$679F Jump if not
679A CALL $F6AA Deal with keypresses while ERIC is writing on the board
679D JR $67BC
679F INC L DE=7FFC (which holds the ASCII code of the last keypress)
67A1 CP $20 Was the keypress ASCII code >= 0x20?
67A3 JR C,$67BC Jump if not
67A5 LD HL,$67BC Push the address of the entry point at 67BC (see below) onto the stack
67A9 LD L,A Point HL at the appropriate entry in the keypress offset table
67AA LD H,$68
67AC LD L,(HL)
67AD LDI Copy the ASCII code of the keypress into 7FFC
67AF LD E,(HL) Pick up in DE the address of the appropriate routine for dealing with the keypress
67B0 INC L
67B1 LD D,(HL)
67B2 PUSH DE Push this address onto the stack
67B3 LD HL,$AC60 Point HL at byte 0x60 of ERIC's buffer
67B6 LD B,(HL) Pick up ERIC's animatory state in B and his coordinates in DE
67B7 INC L
67B8 LD D,(HL)
67B9 INC L
67BA LD E,(HL)
67BB RET Make an indirect jump to the appropriate routine for dealing with ERIC, then return to 67BC below
Now that ERIC has been moved or otherwise dealt with, update the display.
67BC CALL $6992 Update the display
The next section of code ensures that we don't pass through the main loop more than once every 20 milliseconds.
67BF LD HL,$7FFA Wait until the system variable FRAMES at 5C78 has been incremented since the last time it was checked (FRAMES is incremented every 20ms)
67C2 LD A,($5C78)
67C5 CP (HL)
67C6 JR Z,$67C2
67C8 LD (HL),A
67C9 JP $6767 Jump back to the beginning of the main loop
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