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63352: Deal with ERIC when he's being spoken to by a little boy
Used by the routine at 27353 when bit 3 of ERIC's status flags at 32763 is set (by the routine at 63488).
63352 LD HL,32715 32715 holds the special playtime signal flags
63355 BIT 0,(HL) Is the little boy is still delivering the main message?
63357 RET Z Return if so
63358 CALL 26426 Check the keyboard
63361 RET Z Return if no game keys were pressed
63362 OR 32 Convert the keypress code to lower case
63364 CP 117 Was 'u' pressed?
63366 RET NZ Return (to 27351) if not
63367 LD HL,32763 32763 holds ERIC's status flags
63370 RES 3,(HL) Signal: ERIC's conference with the little boy is over
63372 RET Return to 27351
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