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27353: Deal with ERIC
Called from the main loop at 26471. Deals with ERIC when any of bits 0-4 at 32763 (ERIC's status flags) are set. Returns with the carry flag set if and only if ERIC was dealt with, indicating that there is no need to check keypresses in the main loop.
27353 CALL 30636 Make any nearby teachers give ERIC lines if he's not where he should be, or standing or sitting when or where he shouldn't be
27356 LD A,(32763) Check ERIC's status flags at 32763 and return with the carry flag reset unless ERIC has been knocked over, or he is firing, hitting, jumping, or being spoken to
27359 AND 31
27361 RET Z
27362 LD HL,27351 After dealing with ERIC, return to the main loop via the routine at 27351 with the carry flag set to indicate that ERIC was dealt with
27365 PUSH HL
27366 BIT 3,A Is ERIC being spoken to by a little boy?
27368 JP NZ,63352 Jump if so
27371 CP 16 Has ERIC been knocked over?
27373 JP NC,27303 Jump if so
27376 DEC A Is ERIC firing a catapult?
27377 JP Z,62495 Jump if so
27380 DEC A Is ERIC hitting?
27381 JP Z,62628 Jump if so
27384 JP 62771 ERIC is jumping; deal with him accordingly
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