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27387: Add to the score and print it
Used by the routines at 27932, 28143 and 62628.
27387 LD A,1 This will add 10 to the score
This entry point is used by the routines at 28143 and 62628 with A holding the amount (divided by 10) to add to the score.
27389 LD HL,(32708) Pick up the current score in HL
27392 ADD A,L Set HL equal to the new score
27393 LD L,A
27394 ADC A,H
27395 SUB L
27396 LD H,A
27397 LD (32708),HL Store the new score
27400 LD DE,20924 Set DE to the display file address at which to print the score
27403 JP 30408 Print the new score
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