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25488: Guide a character down a staircase
The address of this interruptible subcommand routine is placed into bytes 105 and 106 of a character's buffer by the routine at 25534 when the character has reached the top of a staircase he needs to descend to reach his destination.
H Character number (152-169)
25488 LD B,1 Signal that the character is going down a staircase
This entry point is used by the routine at 25484 with B=255.
25490 LD L,107 Byte 107 of the character's buffer holds the number of movements remaining
25492 DEC (HL) Has the character finished going up or down the stairs?
25493 JP Z,25252 Terminate this interruptible subcommand if so
25496 PUSH BC Save the direction indicator (in B) briefly
25497 CALL 25108 Update the SRB for the character's current location
25500 POP BC Restore the direction indicator to B
25501 LD C,A C=character's current animatory state
25502 INC A A=character's next animatory state
25503 BIT 0,A Is the character midstride right now?
25505 JR Z,25515 Jump if so
The following four instructions calculate the character's next y-coordinate. The y-coordinate will be decremented if the character is going up the stairs and he's not midstride at the moment, incremented if he's going down the stairs and he is midstride at the moment, and otherwise unchanged.
25507 DEC D
25508 INC B Is the character going up the stairs?
25509 JR Z,25512 Jump if so
25511 INC D
At this point A holds the character's new animatory state, and DE his new location.
25512 JP 25008 Update the character's animatory state and location and update the SRB
The character is midstride. Now we calculate his next x-coordinate.
25515 RLCA Set the carry flag if the character is facing left
25516 CCF
25517 SBC A,A A=0 (facing right) or -2 (facing left)
25518 ADD A,A
25519 ADD A,E Set E equal to the character's new x-coordinate
25520 LD E,A
25521 INC E
25522 LD A,C A=character's current animatory state
25523 INC A A=character's next animatory state
25524 BIT 1,A Will the character be standing (phase 3)?
25526 JR NZ,25508 Jump if so
25528 SUB 4 Adjust the animatory state to standing (phase 1)
25530 JR 25508
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