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31904: Make a teacher give lines to EINSTEIN for telling tales
Continues from the routine at 31968.
H Teacher's character number (163-166)
31904 LD A,169 169=EINSTEIN
31906 LD B,9 Lines reprimand 9: DON'T TELL TALES
This entry point is used by the routine at 62208 with A=172 (ERIC) and B=8 (NOW DON'T DO IT AGAIN), 10 (NEVER BE LATE AGAIN), 11 (AND STAY THIS TIME) or 12 (DON'T TOUCH BLACKBOARDS).
31908 LD L,97 Bytes 97 and 98 of the teacher's buffer hold his coordinates
31910 PUSH HL Save the teacher's character number briefly
31911 LD D,(HL) Collect the teacher's coordinates in DE
31912 INC L
31913 LD E,(HL)
31914 CALL 30464 Make the teacher give lines
31917 POP HL Restore the teacher's character number to H
31918 RET
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