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31919: Make EINSTEIN speak
Used by the routine at 62208. Copies the message address into bytes 107 and 108 of EINSTEIN's buffer, and then signals that it's his turn to speak.
BC Message address
H Teacher's character number (163-166)
31919 LD DE,43371 Point HL at byte 107 of EINSTEIN's buffer
31922 EX DE,HL
31923 LD (HL),C Copy the message address in BC into bytes 107 and 108 of EINSTEIN's buffer
31924 INC L
31925 LD (HL),B
This entry point is used by the routine at 62464.
31926 LD HL,32713 32713 holds the lesson signal flags
31929 SET 7,(HL) Signal (to the routine at 31162) that it's EINSTEIN's turn to speak
31931 EX DE,HL
31932 LD L,106 Place the address of the interruptible subcommand routine at 31944 into bytes 105 and 106 of the teacher's buffer
31934 LD (HL),124
31936 DEC L
31937 LD (HL),200
31939 POP DE Collect the return address in DE and copy it to bytes 99 and 100 of the teacher's buffer (so that control will resume there when 31944 relinquishes it)
31940 LD L,99
31942 LD (HL),E
31943 RET Return to the main loop
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