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62464: Make a teacher conduct a question-and-answer session
Used by the routine at 62208. Controls the teacher during a question-and-answer session, but hands control back to the routine at 62208 if ERIC goes missing.
H Teacher's character number (163-166)
62464 LD L,100 Replace the primary command routine address in bytes 99 and 100 of the teacher's buffer with 62464 (this routine)
62466 LD (HL),244
62468 CALL 31952 Is ERIC in the room?
62471 JR Z,62480 Jump if so
ERIC is absent.
62473 LD L,100 Replace the address of this primary command routine in bytes 99 and 100 of the teacher's buffer with that of 62208
62475 LD (HL),243
62477 JP 62213 Make EINSTEIN tell the teacher that ERIC is not in class
ERIC is in class, so fire off a question and answer.
62480 CALL 31282 Prepare a question and the answer
62483 LD BC,31110 Hand over control to the routine at 31110, making the teacher ask the question
62486 CALL 31985
Control returns here when the teacher has finished asking the question.
62489 EX DE,HL Transfer the teacher's character number to D
62490 CALL 31926 Make the teacher wait for EINSTEIN to answer the question
62493 JR 62468
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