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31952: Check whether ERIC and EINSTEIN are in class
Used by the routines at 62208 and 62464. If EINSTEIN is in class, this routine returns to the caller with the zero flag set if and only if ERIC is present too. If EINSTEIN is not yet sitting down in class, it makes the teacher wait until he shows up.
H Teacher's character number (163-166)
31952 LD A,(43360) A=EINSTEIN's animatory state
31955 CP 21 21=EINSTEIN sitting in a chair
31957 JP Z,31188 Jump if EINSTEIN is sitting in a chair
31960 POP DE Place the address of the instruction that called this routine into bytes 99 and 100 of the teacher's buffer, so that control of the teacher remains in this routine until EINSTEIN is seated
31961 LD L,99
31963 LD A,E
31964 SUB 3
31966 LD (HL),A
31967 RET
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