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44520: Insert a pixel column into the message graphic buffer
Used by the routines at 44776 and 45937. Slides the current contents of the message graphic buffer (at 23296) one pixel to the left, and places the new pixel column into the slot freed up on the right.
A Pixel column byte
44520 EXX
44521 LD HL,23551 Point HL' at the end of the graphic buffer at 23296
44524 LD C,8 There are 8 pixel rows in the graphic buffer
44526 LD B,32 Append a pixel to the row and slide all the other pixels one space to the left
44528 RRCA
44529 RL (HL)
44531 DEC HL
44532 DJNZ 44529
44534 DEC C Next pixel row
44535 JR NZ,44526 Jump back until all 8 pixels rows are done
44537 EXX
44538 RET
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