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44776: Insert message text into the message graphic buffer
Used by the routine at 45937. Generates the graphic data for the text of the message and inserts it into the buffer at 23296. Returns with the message right-aligned in the buffer, and with C holding the number of empty pixel columns remaining on the left.
C 254
DE Message address
44776 LD A,(DE) A=ASCII code of a character in the message
44777 INC DE Point DE at the next character in the message
44778 AND A Have we reached the end of the message?
44779 RET Z Return if so
44780 LD L,A B=width (in pixels) of the bitmap for this font character
44781 LD H,217
44783 LD B,(HL)
44784 INC H Pick up a pixel column for the font character and slide it into the graphic buffer
44785 LD A,(HL)
44786 CALL 44520
44789 DEC C Decrease the pixel column count
44790 DJNZ 44784 Jump back until the entire font character has been done
44792 XOR A Insert a blank pixel column between characters
44793 DEC C
44794 CALL 44520
44797 JR 44776 Continue until the message is finished
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