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58604: Play the 'hit a shield' sound effect
Used by the routine at 28143.
58604 DI Disable interrupts
58605 LD C,16 There are 16 mini-sound effects in a row
58607 LD HL,65047 A=1 (initial border colour: blue), H=254 (pitch adjustment), L=23 (border alternates blue/yellow), D=64 (duration), E=0 (initial pitch)
58610 LD A,1
58612 LD DE,16384
58615 CALL 65122 Play one mini-sound effect with these parameters
58618 DEC C Next mini-sound effect
58619 JR NZ,58607 Jump back until all 16 have been done
58621 EI Re-enable interrupts
58622 RET
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