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65111: Make a knocked-out sound effect
Used by the routine at 27303. Makes a sound effect just after ERIC has been knocked over or pushed out of his seat.
A 1 + knockout delay counter value (32757)
65111 CP 39 Return (to 27351) unless ERIC has just been knocked over
65113 RET NZ
65114 LD HL,275 A=2 (initial border colour: red), H=1 (pitch adjustment), L=19 (border alternates red/blue), D=0 (duration), E=0 (initial pitch)
65117 LD DE,0
65120 LD A,2
This entry point is used by the routines at 58604 (to make the 'hit a shield' sound effect) and 65141 (to make the catapult sound effect) with the following parameters prepared:
A Initial border colour
D Duration
E Initial pitch
H Pitch adjustment
L 16 + border XOR value
65122 XOR L Flip the border colour and the state of the speaker
65123 OUT (254),A
65125 LD B,E Pitch delay
65126 DJNZ 65126
65128 LD B,A Save A temporarily
65129 LD A,E Adjust the pitch
65130 ADD A,H
65131 LD E,A
65132 LD A,B Restore A
65133 DEC D Decrement the duration counter
65134 JR NZ,65122 Jump back unless the sound effect is finished
65136 LD A,1 Make the border blue before returning
65138 OUT (254),A
65140 RET
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