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$2757: Make a teacher tell ERIC to go home, and end the game
This corresponds to $F9F6 in the ZX Spectrum version.
Used by command list $DE and the command list at $43A2.
$2757 LDA $2B Set bit 6 of ERIC's status flags at $2B, indicating that he is immobilised.
$2759 ORA #$40
$275B STA $2B
$275D LDA #$60 Set the opcode of the instruction at $1DB7 to $60 (RTS) to prevent the teachers from giving ERIC (or anyone else) lines.
$275F STA $1DB7
$2762 JSR $3BE7 Collect the message address from the command list and store it at $AC.
$2765 STA $AC
$2767 JSR $3BE7
$276A STA $AD
$276C JSR $1F77 Place the address of the interruptible subcommand routine at $2387 into the teacher's buffer and jump to it.
$276F .WORD $2387
Control returns here after ERIC has been told to go home.
$2771 LDA #$AD Set the opcode of the instruction at $1DB7 back to $AD (LDA absolute).
$2773 STA $1DB7
$2776 JSR $2E13 Prepare for demo mode.
$2779 JMP $0803 Enter demo mode.
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