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$00AC: Bytes $6B and and $6C of the character's buffer
Holds one of the following:
  • address of the next character in the message being written on a blackboard or spoken
  • coordinates of the next location to move to in pursuit of ERIC
  • number of movements remaining to navigate a staircase ($AC)
  • walkabout or intermediate destination x-coordinate ($AC)
  • walkabout or intermediate destination pace counter ($AD)
  • number of movements remaining to wipe the blackboard ($AC)
  • x-coordinate of the next column of the blackboard to wipe ($AD)
Used by the routines at $09E9, $0A58, $0C3F, $0E35, $108B, $1129, $12B5, $136F, $13F3, $16E9, $1A04, $1EE3, $1FA0, $2241, $246B, $2500, $2757, $277D, $28BC, $2E13 and $BE09.
$00AC .BYTE $00
$00AD .BYTE $00
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