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$3BE7: Collect the next byte from a command list
This corresponds to $618C in the ZX Spectrum version.
Used by the routines at $12B5, $1A04, $2757, $27AB, $284F, $2865, $28AB, $28BC, $2AF9, $2B0D, $3B5E and $3BE7. Returns with A holding the byte value.
$3BE7 STY $57 Save Y at $57 temporarily.
$3BE9 LDY #$00 Pick up the next byte from the command list.
$3BEB LDA ($3B),Y
$3BED INC $3B Increment the address reached in the command list.
$3BF1 INC $3C
$3BF3 LDY $57 Restore Y from $57.
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