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$2865: Place a continual subcommand routine address into a character's buffer
This corresponds to $7C5A in the ZX Spectrum version.
Used by command lists $8C, $8E, $94, $96, $9C, $9E, $A4, $A6, $AC, $AE, $B2, $B4, $B6, $C2, $CC, $CE, $D8, $DC and $DE. The continual subcommand routine address collected from the command list will be one of the following:
Address Description
$26EF Check whether ANGELFACE is touching ERIC
$270D Make ANGELFACE hit now and then
$2797 Make the stampede leader trip people up on the way to a random location
$2873 Make a little boy trip people up
$2CA5 Make BOY WONDER fire his catapult now and then
$2865 JSR $3BE7 Collect the address of the continual subcommand routine from the command list and store it at $39.
$2868 STA $39
$286A JSR $3BE7
$286D STA $3A
$286F JMP $3BD2 Move to the next command in the command list.
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