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$2873: Make a little boy trip people up
This corresponds to $69F6 in the ZX Spectrum version.
The address of this continual subcommand routine is placed into a little boy's buffer by command lists $CC and $CE, and is also placed into the stampede leader's buffer by the routine at $2797.
$2873 LDA $26 Pick up the boy's animatory state from $26.
$2875 LSR A Is the boy midstride?
$2876 BCS $2884 Return if so.
$2878 JSR $1C8E Is the boy on a staircase?
$287B BCS $2884 Return if so.
$287D LDX $FC Pick up the boy's x- and y-coordinates from $FC and $FB.
$287F LDY $FB
$2881 JMP $29C8 Knock down any potential victim at these coordinates.
$2884 RTS
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