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$2AF9: Raise the signal for a certain event and move to the next command
This corresponds to $6B58 in the ZX Spectrum version.
Used by command lists $80, $82, $84, $86, $CC, $D0, $D2, $D4, $D6, $D8, $DA and $E0,
$2AF9 JSR $3BE7 Collect the event identifier from the command list and transfer it to Y.
$2AFD LDA #$44 Prepare to address the signal flags table at $4400.
$2AFF STA $57
$2B01 LDA #$00
$2B03 STA $56
$2B05 LDA #$FF Raise the signal for the given event.
$2B07 STA ($56),Y
$2B09 JMP $1D2D Terminate this primary command.
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