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$40AE: Command list $84: Exam Room - teacher
This corresponds to $FBB4 in the ZX Spectrum version.
Used by MR WACKER in lessons $E2, $E7, $E9, $EE and $F1; by MR ROCKITT in lessons $E3, $E4, $E8, $EA, $EB, $EC and $ED; and by MR WITHIT in lessons $E6 and $EF.
$40AE .WORD $12B5 Go to...
$40B0 .BYTE $5A,$03 ...the fire escape.
$40B2 .WORD $12B5 Go to...
$40B4 .BYTE $46,$0A ...the doorway of the Exam Room.
$40B6 .WORD $0EC2 Restart the command list unless it's time to start the lesson.
$40B8 .WORD $2AF9 Signal that...
$40BA .BYTE $0A ...the teacher has arrived at the Exam Room.
$40BB .WORD $1FA0 Tell the kids to sit down.
$40BD .WORD $12B5 Go to...
$40BF .BYTE $31,$0A ...the place in the Exam Room where teachers wait for EINSTEIN to grass.
$40C1 .WORD $09E9 Wipe the board and conduct the class.
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