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$4080: Command list $80: Map Room - teacher
This corresponds to $FB80 in the ZX Spectrum version.
Used by MR WACKER in lessons $ED and $EF; and by MR WITHIT in lessons $E5, $E7, $E8, $E9, $EA, $EB, $EC, $EE, $F0 and $F2.
$4080 .WORD $12B5 Go to...
$4082 .BYTE $5A,$03 ...the fire escape.
$4084 .WORD $12B5 Go to...
$4086 .BYTE $4A,$03 ...the doorway of the Map Room.
$4088 .WORD $0EC2 Restart the command list unless it's time to start the lesson.
$408A .WORD $2AF9 Signal that...
$408C .BYTE $08 ...the teacher has arrived at the Map Room.
$408D .WORD $1FA0 Tell the kids to sit down.
$408F .WORD $12B5 Go to...
$4091 .BYTE $3E,$03 ...the chair nearest the map in the Map Room.
$4093 .WORD $09E9 Conduct the class (without first turning round to face the class, which is a bug).
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