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$31EA: Update the display
This corresponds to $6992 in the ZX Spectrum version.
Used by the routines at $0800, $35EF and $BE09.
$31EA LDY #$5E Prepare to address the screen refresh buffer (SRB) at $4008, working backwards from the last byte at $4070 to the 11th byte $4012. This ignores the first ten bytes - which correspond to the top two rows of the screen - and is a bug.
$31EC LDA #$12
$31EE STA $4E
$31F0 LDA #$40
$31F2 STA $4F
$31F4 LDA ($4E),Y Pick up a byte from the screen refresh buffer.
$31F6 BEQ $322A Branch if it's zero (no updates required).
$31F8 STA $57 Store the SRB byte at $57.
$31FA TYA Save Y temporarily.
$31FC LDX #$01 Set X to 1+8*INT(Y/40).
$31FE CMP #$28
$3200 BCC $3206
$3202 SBC #$28
$3204 LDX #$09
$3206 INX Increase X by INT((Y%40)/5)+1. This is the play area y-coordinate of the segment corresponding to the SRB byte under inspection.
$3207 SEC
$3208 SBC #$05
$320A BPL $3206
$320C STX $28 Store this play area y-coordinate at $28.
$320E ADC #$05 Now 0<=A<5, the remainder when Y is divided by 5.
$3210 ASL A Multiply by 8 and add the x-coordinate of the leftmost column of the skool on screen. This gives the play area x-coordinate of the leftmost cell in the segment corresponding to the SRB byte under inspection.
$3211 ASL A
$3212 ASL A
$3213 ADC $58
$3215 STA $27 Store this play area x-coordinate at $27.
$3217 ASL $57 Move bit 7 of the SRB byte into the carry flag.
$3219 BCC $321E Branch if it's clear (no update required).
$321B JSR $3326 Print the corresponding play area tile.
$321E INC $27 Increment the play area x-coordinate at $27.
$3220 LDA $57 Pick up the remains of the SRB byte.
$3222 BNE $3217 Branch back until it's zero.
$3224 PLA Restore the SRB index to Y.
$3225 TAY
$3226 LDA #$00 Clear all bits in this byte of the screen refresh buffer.
$3228 STA ($4E),Y
$322A DEY Next byte in the screen refresh buffer.
$322B BPL $31F4 Branch back unless we've finished.
$322D RTS
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