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25916: Put ERIC midstride, or raise his arm while writing on a blackboard
Used by the routines at 25983, 26084, 26194 and 63056.
A ERIC's next animatory state (midstride or arm up)
B ERIC's post-midstride animatory state
DE ERIC's post-midstride coordinates
HL ERIC's midstride coordinates
25916 PUSH HL Store ERIC's midstride/arm-up animatory state and coordinates briefly
25917 PUSH AF
25918 LD HL,44131 Point HL at byte 99 of ERIC's buffer
25921 LD (HL),B Store ERIC's post-midstride animatory state and coordinates in bytes 99, 100 and 101 of his buffer
25922 INC L
25923 LD (HL),D
25924 INC L
25925 LD (HL),E
25926 CALL 25108 Update the SRB for ERIC's current location
25929 POP AF Restore ERIC's midstride/arm-up animatory state and location to A and DE
25930 POP DE
25931 CALL 25008 Update ERIC's animatory state and location and update the SRB
25934 LD L,4
25936 LD A,(32764) 32764 holds the ASCII code of the last keypress
25939 BIT 5,A Was the last keypress upper case (fast)?
25941 JR Z,25945 Jump (with L=4: fast) if so
25943 LD L,9 Otherwise set L=9 (slow)
25945 LD H,L Set appropriate values for ERIC's main action timer (32744) and midstride action timer (32745)
25946 LD (32744),HL
25949 JP 65106 Make a walking (or writing-on-board) sound effect
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